Premier Building Solutions, Inc. manufactures, sells and distributes Sealants, Adhesives, Flashing, Foams and related products to Residential Construction, OEM and similar industries.

We have over 40 individual and unique products ranging from simple latex sealants to ultra-modern hybrid polyurethane sealant adhesives to expanding foam sealants. Our products are engineered, manufactured filled and shipped from our Central Ohio corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility, and also stored on the West Coast at our Arizona Sales & Distribution facility.

With locations on both East and West Coasts, we are capable of getting product delivered in ultra-short turn-around times at competitive prices that are hard to beat. We are 100% American-made and 100% American-supported – offering local support & service from start to finish and beyond.

Our Product Line

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Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Whether it’s to get a price quote on our Hybrid Polymer Sealant, find the status of an order, or to speak with a Technical Sales Rep to find out the best product for your particular situation, we’re here for you.